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“The greatest teacher, failure is.”

- Yoda - 34 ABY

We came together as a rag-tag group of misfits who had only one thing in common: A burning desire to have the rest of our lives ruined by minor typos.

Through our first six months studying the Front End together, we committed and pushed and created infinite loops, and suffered, laughed, cried, laughed until we cried, charted unknown regions of cursing, cried some more, participated in group mischief, and, most importantly, consumed a borderline irresponsible amount of baked goods.

While we were in a classroom with each other and our instructors for the Front End, due to Covid-19, we made the switch to remote learning for our Back-End semester. Since the remote experience was so different in almost every way from our previous semester, the relationships we’d built with one another were one of the few constants in our academic life, and were critical in our continued growth through the unplanned shifts in our school experience. We grew stronger as developers, found new tools and continued to discover our personal interests and passions within software development. We learned from one another and taught our classmates what we discovered on our own. We cheered each other's victories and all shared in our losses.

Though we started as a group of students who all wanted to learn a new trade and change our career trajectory, over the last 12 months we have been lucky enough to become much more than just a group of people sharing a classroom to learn full stack software development. At the end of the day, we discovered that the true static variable was the friends we’d made along the way. And isn’t that the most valuable knowledge of all?

Highly Skilled Code Assassins

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To Zoe, Greg, and Michael

Thank you for helping us establish a solid foundation in the world of Software Development. Through all the Git conflicts, pits of despair, endless questions, screen share sessions, pinterest projects, pies, laughs, and everything in between, we are forever grateful for your time and concerted efforts to pass on your knowledge. You were instrumental in our growth over the past year, and without the fundamentals and patience you taught us, we would not be where we stand today as developers.

To Nathan, Martin, & (the lovely) Jameka

“It would seem that you have no useful skill or talent whatsoever," he said. "Have you thought of going into teaching?” ― Terry Pratchett, Mort
While the above quote is tongue in cheek (for such perilous times as these), E10 understands quite well that regardless of skill and talent, if you don't have the heart to teach: all efforts are quite in vain. We would like to thank you for the heart that motivates your effort, wit, and passion for code. We would like to thank you for the sacrifices that you individually, and your families have made that allow you to pour your heart and time into others. We thank you for your willingness and work to shape those of us who come to NSS as a jumping off point into our futures. Our Backend experience was not what any of us hoped for. We were given two weeks to get to know you, before we were separated. Then circumstances required that we end our time together quite far apart. Collectively, this was advantageous, simultaneously difficult, and not what we might deem as ideal. While E10 has to work even harder than first anticipated, we believe that as instructors you walked the extra mile to help guide and support in the most unlikely circumstances. E10 is carrying into the workplace the heart, humor and passion that you have poured into us. We can truly say:
“Puns are the highest form of literature.” ― Alfred Hitchcock

To Kristin and Ashley

Words can't express the gratitude we all have for you both. You motivated us to stay on top of our resumes, to network and preparing us for job searching.
You went beyond the Call of Duty in the time of need for those of us affected by COVID-19 in some manner.
We salute you our very own NSS Career Development Frontline Heroes!!

To the Alumni

In his poem, "Pull the Next One Up", Marc Kelly Smith enumerates the importance of helping those that come after you:

"When you get to the top of the mountain
Pull the next one up.
Then there'll be two of you
Roped together at the waist
Tired and proud, knowing the mountain,
Knowing the human force it took
To bring both of you there."

The second person, then, is encouraged to pull up the next person and so on and so forth. One of the tenets NSS drove into us early is a growth mindset and with the growth mindset comes the idea of abundance, the idea that, no matter how many of us there are, there will always be enough room for each of us at the top. The alumni of NSS live up to this ideal by staying in touch with us, by TA-ing classes so that we can meet, by sending encouragement, by attending roundtable events, by offering advice, by listening...

Part of being a community means understanding that anything you do reflects on all the other members. By being sterling representatives of NSS, you ensure that any company or person you interact with holds other NSS grads in high regard. In this way, you speak for us without ever knowing us. For all these things, we say thank you and carry on the legacy you shoulder for those coming behind us.

To John Wark

Thank you for sharing your vision. Nashville Software School has changed our lives, and none of it would have been possible without you.